Relax – 50 min $80 / 80 min $115
Close your eyes, unwind and exhale as your therapist applies swedish massage techniques to help you enjoy a deep sense of relaxation. Your body’s circulation is boosted as sore joints and muscles are quickly alleviated.
De-Stress – 50 min $90 / 80 min $125
Your therapist will customize this deep tissue massage based on your specific areas of concern. A variety of therapeutic techniques are incorporated to ensure your tightened nerves are released and any stress-related tenderness is immediately eliminated.
Balance – 50 min $95 / 80 min $140
Increase your body’s balance by enjoying this unique hot stone massage with rejuvenating Malakite, Zincite and Granite stones. These stones are strategically positioned on your body’s vital organs, creating a balance in your entire energy flow. Effectively de-stressing, this advance therapy stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, increases your skin’s cellular activity and promotes tissue regeneration.
Prenatal – 50 min $115
An exceptionally unique and restorative massage to give balance and harmony to your body and baby, while addressing the muscles, joints, improving circulation and relieving fatigue. This service is performed by utilizing a “Body Cushion” support system which allows the pregnant woman to lie face-down with proper spinal alignment or on a cushioned table in a side-lying position with the body fully supported with pillows.
*We prefer to not perform massage on women in their first trimester.
Unity – 50 min $170 / 80 min $260
Together in a serene and tranquil atmosphere enjoy side-by-side soothing relaxation couple’s massages, that can be enhanced with aromatic essence, that is sure to leave both you and your partner rejuvenated.

Bathing Pleasures – $35
Four powerful jets in combination with aromatic oils and sea salt, allow the tiny air bubbles to create a memorable and therapeutic experience that will nourish the skin with oxygen and stimulate blood circulation.

Swiss Bliss – $35
Feel the stress of the week slowly slipping away with this unique combination an overhead deluge shower in addition to twelve high pressure heads which provide an exhilarating experience.



Essential Oil Blends                            $10

Heated Stones                                     $25

Heated Wraps                                     $25

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